Who We Are

Paperlogic is the specialty and technical papers division of Southworth Company. Manufacturing and selling high quality, specialty, technical, and business papers for industrial and commercial applications, Paperlogic is focused on customized solutions for our customers.

A US-based company since it’s inception in 1839 in West Springfield, Massachusetts, Southworth produced some of the first commercially available paper in the US.  Abraham Lincoln used Southworth paper for his important correspondence, and we supplied the paper for Remington’s first typewriters. Today, Paperlogic carries on the Southworth tradition of quality and innovation for a wide variety of industries. We are a participant in Agenda 2020, an active member of numerous industry associations, and collaborate with major research universities.

In 2006 Southworth acquired Esleeck Manufacturing Company and moved its paper making production to the former Esleeck paper mill in Turners Falls, Massachusetts. With the sale of Southworth's brands of business papers in 2013, the Turners Falls mill now operates under the Paperlogic name, and is solely focused on an ever-broadening range of specialty and technical papers.