A genuine watermark is an image that is “embossed” into a sheet of paper during the manufacturing process. A “dandy” roll has the watermark image applied to it, and is then pressed into the wet sheet of paper. The design either displaces or accumulates paper fibers (depending upon whether the mark is a “raised” or “shadow” mark), and produces a permanent image in the sheet of paper. This “watermark” is visible when the paper is held up to the light.

A private watermark is a unique image or mark in the paper (for instance a company name, logo, brand name, etc.) that is produced for just one customer. Private watermarked paper provides a number of benefits:

Brand Image. Documents marked with a corporate name and/or logo project a confident image. A unique watermark helps you stand proudly behind your company – and helps your business stand apart from your competition.

Security. Once the paper is made, a watermark cannot be removed or reproduced, which can help decrease incidents of identity theft, fraud, forgery etc.

Authenticity and Dating. Private watermarks help to establish the authenticity or provenance of any important document or piece of correspondence. It can also help establish the age of the document, as Paperlogic frequently includes a “datemark” in the watermark to establish the date that the paper was made.

Paperlogic can manufacture paper with “raised” watermarks (the image is lighter than the rest of the sheet of paper), “shadow” marks (the image is darker than the rest of the sheet) or combination marks that included both raised and shadow marking. We can also produce watermarks that are localized (remains in the exact same position in every sheet of paper, typically within a 1/2 inch in either direction), centralized, random, or repeating. Please contact us for more information.