Specialization and Customization

Paperlogic attributes its long-term success to the accomplishments and business successes of our customers. This has enabled us to offer over 100 different paper products – many in multiple grades – and we are constantly developing new solutions and modifying existing products that meet the specific and varied needs of our customers.

By first listening to and understanding our customers’ needs, we can work closely with them to help satisfy their unique business needs. Here are just a few examples:

  • We created a Saturated Base paper for one client for use as a moisture indicator.
  • Another customer required more moisture resistance for their Field Surveyor Notebook to better withstand rain and humidity. We enhanced “wet rub” surface characteristics to make it happen.
  • We have modified multiple papers to accommodate new inks and types of printers for numerous customers. In fact, we modified a particular Vellum Base for one customer to make it capable of accepting very small electric charges for control of color printing from large (dielectric) engineering printers.
  • By modifying our manufacturing capability, we have enabled customers to produce “small volume” color runs for Matboard and Facing Papers applications. This allowed them to lower inventory levels – and costs.

Please contact us to discuss your particular paper challenges.