Security Papers

Paperlogic works closely with our customers to provide a variety of advanced customized security solutions to meet their specific needs. As crime gets more sophisticated, security papers need to as well. Our security papers can incorporate features to identify or authenticate a document as an original (e.g. watermarks or invisible fibers in paper) or even demonstrate tamper evidence when fraud is attempted.

Paperlogic's customers are employing sophisticated printing techniques that make any erasures or alterations to the original document visible, and unique patterns that prevent copying. Our paper can be used for tamper-proof medical packaging material, laminated security tags, banknote paper, legal forms, stock certificate paper, and other sensitive and important legal documents.

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Some of the security paper features that we can offer include:

  • Chemical Sensitivity Paper: Shows color changes when exposed to certain chemicals, e.g. ink erasers or sensitivity to acids/alkalines.
  • Fluorescent fibers: Invisible with normal light, these fibers are blended into the paper during the manufacturing process.  they become visible under UV-light ("black lidht),
  • Light Sensitivity Paper: Prolonged exposure to UV or oxygen causes a pattern to appear on the paper, due to degradation of light / oxygen sensitive chemical additives.
  • Colored fibers: These are blended into the paper when manufactured, and are visible in daylight..
  • Scratchable Surface: Indicates when information has been revealed, e.g. on lottery scratch-cards.
  • Taggant Identification: Taggants added in the coating or in the base paper act as a chemical “DNA” that can only be decoded by special means and acts as a unique identifier.
  • Watermarks: Single or multi-tone.