Product Capabilities

The specialty and technical papers produced by Paperlogic are very versatile. They can act as a filter for specific sized particles, or provide invisible security from criminals. They can be durable enough to preserve valuable documents for hundreds of years, or translucent enough for an engineer’s tracing. They can vividly display an artist’s watercolors, or provide greaseproof surfaces for food packaging. Our base papers can be coated for inkjet printing, or saturated with resin for use in the decorative laminate market, for various products including furniture and flooring.

Versatility. Whatever your needs, we can process a wide variety of papermaking fibers including cotton, wood (virgin and recycled), specialty fibers (including Agave, Hemp, Palm, Bamboo, Bagasse, Kanaf, etc), synthetic and other fibers and fillers. Our numerous refiners allow us to develop these fibers to meet the exact requirements of the paper product being run.

Quality and Consistency. Our Process Control System provides real time measurement and control of basis weight, caliper, moisture and color as the paper is being manufactured.

Precise Control and Efficiency. Multiple paper stock refiners, including pulpers, beaters, and 3 DoubleDisc refiners, that can be utilized in any combination or sequence, allow us to precisely control paper properties such as strength, durability, fold, elongation, tear, tensile, absorption etc. Please contact us to discuss your exact needs or specifications.

Trim Width: Max. ~110”(2795mm); Min. ~84”(2135mm)

Basis Weight: Bond (17 x 22 - 500) - 14# - 110# (52gsm – 410gsm)

Roll Width: 8.5” to 100“+

Roll Diameter: 20” to 60”

Roll Converting: Roll rewinding, slitting, and trimming thru to labeling, wrapping and shipping.

Sheet Converting: Precision Sheeting is available on our Maxson sheeter.  Sheet Sizes: Min - ___ x ___    Max - ____ x _____.  Smaller sheet sizes available off our Guillontine Trimmer.

Envelope Production:

Environmental:  Recycled and Post Consumer fibers

Energy Sources: Traditional and renewable, including hydroelectric and windpower (with the purchase of windpower REC credits).

Watermarking Options: Raised marks, Shadow marks, Combination marks, Centralized marks, Localized (“cut to register”) marks, Private watermarks marks, etc.