Permanent Record Papers

The strength and durability of our papers are the result of over 150 years experience in fine 100% cotton papermaking. Two factors are responsible for making our Byron Weston papers the proven choice for archival and permanent records; “durability” and “permanence”.

Durability relates to the paper’s ability to withstand continuous handling. Cotton fibers are the longest and most durable fibers commonly used in papermaking. We rely exclusively on cotton fibers and their strong, supple nature to provide this extra degree of “durability”. 

Permanence is determined by the paper’s ability to resist deterioration over time. Paper deterioration is accelerated by several factors, including acidity and moisture.

We carefully incorporate neutral or alkaline sizing into our manufacturing process, along with alkaline fillers and buffering compounds. This combination not only eliminates acidity during manufacturing, but builds an alkaline reserve that captures acidity from the environment and prevents acid deterioration of the paper. These archival papers combine the durability of cotton fibers with the permanence of alkaline chemistry to produce the standard for permanent record papers. Please contact us for more details.