Mat & Mounting Stock

When quality, color, consistency and longevity count, our customers rely on Paperlogic. We manufacture mat boards as well as facing papers and backing papers that our customers use to produce high quality mat boards for the framing, design and museum industries. These papers are acid free, and can be specified in a wide variety of fade resistant colors. We can also custom produce any color for our customers.

Paperlogic is well known for our strong focus on color control, and consistent color matching from run to run. Unlike some  manufacturers, we have developed the capability of producing small runs of custom colors.  All of our papers can be produced with 100% Cottons fibers, 100% wood fiber or with a blend.

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Specific grades produced include:

  • Backing Paper
  • Colored Papers
  • Conservation Board
  • Facing Paper
  • Illustration Surface Paper
  • Lining Paper
  • Museum Board