Grades and Standards

Byron Weston’s permanent record papers are available in four grades and two finishes, Linen Ledger and Xerographic. Xerographic is a slightly brighter white and has a smoother surface to enhance the document’s appearance when it is printed on a modern device such as a laser or ink jet printer, or photocopier. Our papers are available in four thicknesses or “weights”. These weights are expressed as “24 pound” or “Sub 24”. For the sake of comparison, most common photocopier paper is Sub 20. Byron Weston permanent record papers are available in sub 24, 28, 32 and 36. 

Byron Weston Linen Record Ledger is 100% cotton, acidfree ledger paper that is watermarked with the year of manufacture, providing an unchangeable date stamp on the document to assist in providing chronology or document authentication. Bryon Weston Linen Record Ledger papers meet:

  • Meet all standards and requirements of National Archives and Record Administration.
  • Meet all Library of Congress standards for archival papers.
  • Meet ASTM specification D3290 as maximum permanence, high referral papers.
  • Meet all state standards