Engineering Papers

Paperlogic manufactures paper to meet today’s everincreasing variety of engineering drawing options. For instance, our wide format papers are used extensively for printing out CAD/CAM engineering drawings, on both laser and inkjet plotters and printers. Our Vellum base products are designed to be transparentized by our customers and then converted into either small rolls or large sheets for an engineer’s ‘original’ drawings. Our Plotter Bond grades are a common choice for printing out ‘working’ drawings.

We also produce engineering papers for circular or strip chart recorders, and for use in surveyors field notebooks. Please contact us with any questions. Below is the full range of engineering papers that we manufacture:

  • 100% Cotton Vellum Bases (Five Varieties)
  • 100% E-Vellum
  • 50% E-Vellum
  • Blueprint Paper
  • Blueprint Proofing Base
  • Circular Chart Paper
  • Field Book Paper
  • Plotter Bond
  • Strip Chart Paper
  • Translucent Bond