Archival Papers

Paperlogic produces archival papers for a wide variety of uses in the preservation and conservation industries. For over 175 years, our archival papers have stood the test of time, and Byron Weston is known as the standard for permanent record papers.

Our archival products consist of permanent, durable, acid-free paper, and are made with either 100% cotton fibers, lignin free wood pulps or a blend of both.  Archival papers help to preserve valuable documents, and are used for artwork, historical manuscripts, certificates, and storage sleeves.


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Specific types of archival paper we manufacture include:

  • Archival Envelope: Buffered or Non-Buffered
  • Archivert Standard
  • Buffered Bond
  • Herbarium Paper
  • Interleaving Paper





  • Microchamber Enclosure Paper
  • Museum Barrier
  • Museum Board
  • Storage Paper: Buffered or Non-Buffered